RASTA REUBEN: Roots Rock Reggae Revolution; Muzik & LyricsVideo

June 09, 2019

Artist; Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik

Song: Roots Rock Reggae Revolution

GMV Global Muzik Village Presents; SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik: Roots Rock Reggae Revolution: Ft. Rasta Reuben Kwabena. (Official music video/ official lyrics video.) Song written & performed by Rasta Reuben Kwabena. Music composed and arranged by Rasta Reuben Kwabena & Fredlocks Asher. (Reggae Planet Video/Phinn Films. Filmed on location in beautiful Australia. Director of Photography Jenni Love.) Roots Rock Reggae Revolution AkA Roots Rock Reggae Phenomena.

This song is celebrating the awesome and powerful worldwide cultural phenomena of the great music from Jamaica known has roots rock reggae. From the foundation of Ska, rock steady, roots reggae, rockers, rub a dub & dancehall. Now Today in this present day futuristic time, in this information highway time of worldwide interaction, environmental awareness, abundant education and international communication; The Power of Jah Rastafari Culture & The Power of Roots Rock Reggae music is international and worldwide with lots of great Singers/Songwriters & Musicians from Jamaica, from Africa & from all around the world. This is the natural mystical phenomena of the great roots rock reggae revolution.

This song is also about our great Planet of Life, Sunlight & Water. The is the roots rock reggae planet , The Planet of Life, a land of roots & rocks, mountains and trees. The mystery of the ancient forests of giant roots and giant trees which also grew into ancient rocks and mountains. This song is also about the glory of the messengers of goodness. The humanitarian super heroes and the Freedom Fighters for Equal Rights & Justice. The Power of the Universal & the Entrepreneurial Vision of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Celebrating the great songs of divine inspiration & positive vibrations of upliftment within reggae music in particular and within all music in general. The Great Power of Jah Messiah Hola Emmanuel, the natural mystical power in the sons and daughters of creation, The Sons & Daughters of Jah Rastafari Culture Haile SELASSIE iPOWER. The Power & truth in the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

The natural mystical power of roots rock reggae music. The wonders of nature and the power of the universe. The goodness in humanity. The great miracle of Love & Life. The power of the singers and players of instruments, the beauty of rasta songs and the sweet melodies of reggae music. The passion and the dance of the riddim of the dancehall and the heartbeat power of the one drop, filling the generation gap.

The great music of Jamaica is highly motivational, inspirational and influential. Reaching out to all nations all over creation and touching all types of worldwide popular music styles & fashion, arts & culture. This song also celebrates the Oneness of Humanity and the goodness in experiencing the adventure of travel and the worldwide beauty of nature. There is abundant wisdom to be learned from traveling and meeting and greeting people on our wonderful Planet of Life. The land of roots and rocks and mountains and trees, The land of Water & Fire & Sunlight The great Roots Rock Reggae Planet. This is the natural mystical phenomena of the great roots rock reggae revolution.


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