Rasta Reuben Kwabena (Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide)

June 02, 2019
Creative Director & Program Director
Rasta Reuben Kwabena is the official host of The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase. In this capacity he is  widely known internationally as The Voice of The Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide, an articulate and charismatic Talk Show /Music Radio host, broadcaster personality. He is also a great singer/songwriter, an outstanding recording and performing artist. The lead singer songwriter of SELASSIE iPOWER roots rock reggae band, also featuring his brothers Fredlocks Asher on keyboards and vocals and David UncleDropsi Phinn on bass guitar and hip hop rap.
Today Rasta Reuben Kwabena is one of Roots Rock Reggae’s most powerful live concert performer and one of the world’s greatest most eloquent inspirational voices of international humanity; Sending out the great JahLove OneLove message loud & clear; ”Equal Rights & Justice Stands for One & All.” “No Matter what colour, race or creed, everyone has the same needs, food clothes and shelter and water indeed as well as education, communication & transportation. To fulljoy the miracle of the Gift of Life, we all need love, and most of all we all need good health, so lets fulljoy the planet and share the happiness & the wealth." 
The original Reggae Planet Radio Showcase was started by Rasta Reuben Kwabena in March 2008 in the Greater Vancouver Area of Abbotsford BC Canada @the University of The Fraser Valley Radio Station. The philosophy and the growing international popularity as well as the name and the vibes of The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase became the inspiration for  the creation of The REGGAE PLANET RADIO Station, a brand new Roots Rock Reggae & Urban Music internet radio station with music and talk show format.
Therefore on Oct 19th 2014 The original REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 internet radio station was launched @ www.ReggaePlanetRadio.com Featuring the international musical genres styles of Jamican Music & African World Music including Roots Rock Reggae, Ska, Reggae Lovers Rock, Dancehall, Reggae Gospel, AfroBeat, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul Gooves & The Phenomena of Dub.
Now in this spring time of 2019 The Reggae Planet Radio website is now being updated, to be relaunched again for all the fans and listeners to fulljoy.  In this capacity Rasta Reuben Kwabena; CoFounder Creative Director & Progam Director @REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 is continuing to network together with his brother Fredlocks Asher; CoFounder & Station Manager @REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 to now fully modernize The Reggae Planet Multimedia online presence.
To fully establish The REGGAE PLANET RADIO NETWORK internet multimedia, @ www.ReggaePlanetRadio.com To increase the social media promotion and the online visibility and availibity of all our products & services, as well as our projects & events at GMV Records/Ultra Flex Music. And to further develop our worldwide social media connectivity with all our music fans and listeners and with all our well wishers and international music business associates. In this regards The REGGAE PLANET RADIO NETWORK is a branch company of the Jamaican/Canadian music recording and performing company known as GMV Global Muzik Village & ULTRA FLEX Music based in Vancouver BC Canada.
In 2017 GMV Global Muzik Village expanded its international outreach with the establishment of The GMV Europa networking branch office in Berlin Germany. In addition GMV has also expanded into the African Music scene by Teaming Up with new additional music networking branches known as World Link Promotions & Brights Sound Productions which are both based in Abuja & Jos City Nigeria Africa specializing in African Reggae Music & African WorldMusic as well as AfroBeat & Reggae Gospel.

Stay tuned right here at REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 and we will keep you updated about all the new music productions which will be released soon in 2019 and in the upcoming years of The 2020s by GMV Records & Ultra Flex Music in association with World Link Promotions & Brights Sound Productions.  We will also keep you posted and updated here concerning any upcoming international tours, live showcase projects and or concert performance events. 

The REGGAE PLANET RADIO NETWORK at our multimedia intenet website @ www.ReggaePlanetRadio.com is now newly updated and RELAUNCHED in this month of JUNE 2019 for all our worldwide fans and listeners to fulljoy. Now everyone can stay connected and updated with us nationally and internationally, as we step it up in this present time. We are Stepping forward into the 2020s and moving forward progressively into the future of this worldwide generation time with the international mission of The Reggae Planet MultiMedia vision  in general. Celebrating the legendary outstanding legacy of The Roots Rock Reggae Phenomena. 

To further highlight and to further promote the natural mystical power and the uplifting universal vibrations of The Great Reggae Music to the world at large. To keep the reggae fire blazing in Todays's modern day to day living reality and to inspire One & All with the great devine history, mystery and prophecy of this great music which sarted over 50 years ago in Jamaica and now is spread worldwide all across the planet. REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 takes listeners on a reggae musical journey from the foundation of its Jamaican/African roots forward to all its worldwide branches including dancehall, rockers lovers rock, hip hop afrobeat, reggae gospel, electro dub, drum & bass, jungle & reggaeton etc.


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