Kevin Judah (Director of Marketing & Advertizing)

June 24, 2019

Kevin Judah is the Director of Marketing & Advertizing for REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 Multi Media Network. He has launched and developed various entrepreneural ideas from his early teenage years. In this capacity he brings tremendous entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise to the RADIO2177 TEAM. He is focussed on helping to develop our online social media marketting presence as well as our overall startegic branding and promotions.

Kevin Judah is a visionary entrepreneur with a consistant drive to succeed by studying and researching the various components necessary to develop a business idea and to create an excellent marketing strategy. With keen research he takes a new business idea from the planning stages to the implementation stages onward to full day to day management of staff cordination and business operation.

In his early teenage years, he started out by learning how to operate and repair bycycles and various motor engines such as lawn mowing equipment, household appliances, and computerise technologies. He became a professional auto mechanic after an aprenticeship at a reknown mechanic shop, where he specialized in engine repairs and computerized automotive sytems.   

Now Today he is also known as The Founder & The M.D. of CARIBOO Freight Shipping Company, based in Vancouver BC Canada. Specializing in providing regular service in cross border Freight Shipping between Canada & The USA. Offering cost-effective solutions based on the customers specific needs and distance of delivery.

CARIBOO Freight Shipping Company, truly value and care about all of their American & Canadian customers. Building and maintaining firm business relationships is their main mission as a cross-border motor carrier bridging both of these great nations together. The major goal of The CARIBOO Freight Shipping Company, is to simplify daily trade between a diverse range of Western Canadian industries engaged in import/export transactions with companies in Western United States of America.

Future development and expansional goals of Kevin Judah & The CARIBOO Freight Shipping Company is to gradually open up more international branches to create and to solidify worldwide expansion as a bonafied import/export, shipping and recieving transportation and communications company. 

Therefore we are happy to have Kevin Judah onbord to head up our Marketing Department at REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 Multi Media Network. 


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