Fredlocks Asher

June 03, 2019

GMV Records/Ultra Flex Music Executive Producer       

CoFounder & Station Manager @REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177  Born in Kingston Jamaica, Fredlocks Asher (aka Frederick Phinn) immigrated to Toronto Ontario Canada as a child. A multi talented Singer/Songwriter, musician instrumentalist, who has studied piano, organ, clarinet, saxophone and guitar. He is an accomplished recording engineer and owner of Ultra-Flex Music. He is the brother of Rasta Reuben Kwabena (aka George Phinn Jr.)

Now based in Vancouver BC Canada, today the musical brothers continue to work together on several musical projects & enterprises, including The SELASSIE iPOWER roots rock reggae band, as well as GMV Records, Ultra Flex Music & The Reggae Planet Radio Network.

Fredlocks Asher & Ultra Flex Crew, specializes in creating, recording and producing New cutting edge ROOTS ROCK REGGAE, including all the sub-genres of LOVERS ROCK, DANCEHALL, HIP-HOP, DUB, JUNGLE & ELECTRONICA. 

Fredlocks Asher is an excellent Jamaican/Canadian Musician Singer/Songwriter. He has worked with numerous artists as a producer, engineer, arranger, composer and keyboard player. His live reggae band: Fredlocks Asher & Ultra Flex Crew, have been performing and touring for over a decade. They have released a variety of musically diverse reggae albums, including Wisdom, Dub Life, and Ultra Flex Volume One and Rain Single. As a solo recording artist he has also made significant featured special guest singer appearnces, most notably on several DubMatix albums produced by Jesse Dubmatix King. 

In the year 2014, Fredlocks Asher & The Ultra Flex Crew released a full lenght album known as Race the Final Frontier and a (Various Artist Compilation Album) known as Ultra Flex Volume Two, both of these albums are now available on iTunes.  

Fredlocks Asher has also toured extensively all acroass Canada, performing with The Ultra Flex Crew and with his brothers David UncleDropsi Phinn and Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Band as well as with the legendary King Selah & The House of David Gang from Toronto Ontario Canada.  

Fredlocks Asher & Rasta Reuben Kwabena as the CoFounders of REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177, are currently working together as Radio Station Manager & Creative Program Director. To fully establish The REGGAE PLANET RADIO NETWORK internet multimedia, @  To increase the online visibility and availibity of all our products & services, projects & events at GMV Records/Ultra Flex Music. And to further develop our worldwide social media connectivity with all our music fans and listenners and with all our well wishers and international music business associates. 


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