The entire week, from 16:00 to 18:00

The WORLD MUZIK DUB CITY Show on Reggae Planet RADIO2177 is a celebration of the worldwide expansion and power of Deep Roots DUB Reggae. Featuring the great original classic DUB Muzik genre from the original Jamaican dub masters as well as new innovative Drum & Bass dub muzik from all around the world. Including original ska, reggae and dancehall instrumentals, plus ragga jungle dub, electronica dub and drum & bass. Also featuring world music & various African music, including AfroBeat, Hi Life and Hip Life Riddims. 

The WORLD MUZIK DUB CITY is an exciting blend of hot sunshine dance muzik blended with the beautiful sounds of Africa and the Caribbean & South America, including banda, soca, calypso & reggaeton. This show takes listeners on an international World Muzik Dub City journey across the seven seas and musically linking all five continents; Africa, America, Europe, Australia & Asia. Featuring original & acoustic dub instrumentals, plus digital & electronica dub vibes, from all around the world. A musical celebration for the worldwide generation. Showcasing all the various expansions & extensions of dub muzik and urban dance muzik in various international languages.

WORLD MUZIK DUB CITY also showcases the magnificence of DUB POETRY and Spoken Word with airplay rotation plus interviews and reviews of various dub poets and spoken word artists. Great legendary classical reggae vocals & dub tracks are also highlighted, stepping forward musically through the decades from the 1970s, up to the present and forward into the future. 

The relaxing sounds of atmospheric dub, Caribbean Jazz & acoustic soul instrumentals will uplift your heart, soul and mind with great inspiration, meditation and motivation. Overall the World Muzik Dub City show is a great example of the power of reggae and dub music to bring people together in ONE LOVE & UNITY internationally dancing around the universal fire of the sun, in the drum circle of life. As the great reggae king Bob Marley said in one of his songs "One good thing about the muzik, when it hits, you feel no pain"   


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