RasTafari Haile Selassie i Word Sound & Power

July 23, 2020

RasTafari Haile Selassie i Word Sound & Power 

In this Gallery you will see various pictures and various quotes of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie i of Ethiopia. In this regards you will clearly feel The Power of Rastafari Roots & Culture within the teachings of i and i Father Leader and Teacher Jah Rastafari Emperor Haile Selassie I.

i and i Give Thanks & Praises for the upbringing in Jamaica whereby The Rastafarian Elders thought us the deep sense of purpose in love and raspect for The African Foundation as the center of our Ancient Heritage. To know the power and the glory of The Great Ethiopian Empire and The Great Egyptian Empire, which is where major civilization started as well as major education and major insiprational and spiritual enlightment.   

Today the truth is being revealed more and more, on the great information highway in this worldwide generation time.  i and i as The Children of Rastafari and also as Children of Jamaica and decenedents of Africa, i and i are truly happy and honoured to see the progress of the teachings of Rastafari which continues to spread internatiuonally far and wide. Uplifting the hearts and souls of African's Children and indeed giving positive inspiration and motivation to all humanity.

Jah Rastafari Culture Haile Selassie i Power; i and i Give Thanks and praises for the devine upliftment teachings in Rastafari roots and culture and in the powerful vehicle of reggae music which helps to spread the positive message of Jah Love/One Love.

The World Should know that Ras Tafari Makonen is himself also known as Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, King of Kings Lord of Lords Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah, The Elect of God And The Light Of The World Defender of The Faith. Glory Be to Rastafari The Man and The Movement.