Overcoming The Hurdles of Life

January 16, 2020

Overcoming The Hurdles of Life /

A Journey Through Destiny

(Written By Bernadette Kerr )

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Mistreatment, injustice and disappointments are like hurdles that have hindered a lot of people in our society. Every form of mistreatment an individual faces is a form of hurdle posing an abuse, oppression, limitation and bondage every true believer must overcome. Many people are suffering in silence thinking that things will get better but the more they try to overcome one hurdle, the more they see more hurdles ahead of them to overcome.

This book is based on a personal life experience of hurdles and how the author overcame them. You will discover from this inspiring book, how to depend on God for His grace and strength to overcome some hurdle of life that pose limitation to your destiny. How to take the steps of faith in pursing your sure destiny regardless of hurdles of life and how to let go of past hurts, resentment, bitterness and disappointment and letting God take over your destiny.

Overcoming The Hurdles of Life (A Journey Through Destiny)

This inspirational and motivational book is written by

Jamican Author (Bernadette G. Kerr)

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About The Author

Jamican Author (Bernadette G. Kerr)

Bernadette G. Kerr is born in Jamaica. She is now becoming the nation’s foremost inspirational writer. Her journey through life conveys message of hope, faith, patience and inspiration. She is a past student of Bromley College of Further and Higher Education, South Chelsea College London and Harrison Memorial High School, a privately operated Christian institution in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In spite of her hurdles she continues to shine above resentment, humiliation, depression, abuse, conviction and other forms of limitation which threatens our lives as individuals. She has beaten the odds by demonstrating that God has full control of her destiny and with God all things are possible.

She is an Early Childhood Institution Principal. She is Honorary Life Member at All Ladies League (ALL), the world’s largest All-inclusive international women’s chamber and a movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL. She is a qualified and experienced Business Consultant, Online Marketing Consultant, Career Coach and Past Campus Manager at the Global Institute of Certified Specialists (GICS); a government registered nursing institution in Kingston, Jamaica. She is an affiliate member of the American Medical Technologists (AMT) USA, The Jamaica Red Cross.

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She is a member of Padmore Youth Upliftment Foundation, a foundation geared in the upliftment and empowerment of our youths within the community of Padmore, Jamaica. She continues to participate in community development and outreach programmes. She is a multiple-awarded winning Author. Her first award was in October 2014 as Best Female Author of the year 2014 by the Leadership Mind Ambassadors (LMA) an online recognition awards platform. She was nominated as Best Author of the year 2014, 2015 and 2016 by the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) Awards, UK. She is the role model of the week on Afripoet operated by Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez – Multi-Award Winner, Published Author, International Broadcaster & Mentor.

She was currently awarded Best Writer from the CHUB Magazine Creativity Award, London. Best Author of the Extraordinary People Award (EPA), USA by Heal the World Mission & La Expose. She is well known for her contribution in motivating others especially students to rise above the hurdles or other limitations and to soar to new heights in achieving their career, personal and professional goals. Her leadership model and the approaches and actions she takes in her employment. Her resilient effort and determination are those of progress and success. She is passionate about motivating and inspiring people, improving community as well as business in positioning them for maximum impact that will benefit and shape the future.

Overcoming the Hurdles of Life is a book that will take you on an incredible journey, understanding how hurdles can affect an individual and how a solution can be made with hard work, commitment, consistency and spiritual interventions. Her books are available on amazon.com in eBook and Paperback edition. Audiobook will be available by April 2018. Please follow her links for upcoming events, book reviews and give away.

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