The entire week, from 00:00 to 00:00

Within The DANCEHALL EXTRAVAGANZA show on Reggae Planet Radio2177 you will experience exciting speed rapping dancehall reggae music, with hot sunshine rididims that will keep the vibes jumping and grooving to get your body moving. Showcasing various dancehall kings & queens of reggae, as well as soca & calypso kings & queens. Also featuring brand new international dancehall stars on the rise from Jamaica & the Caribbean and from all around the world.  Promoting Jamaican & Canadian artists while also featuring the great original Jamaican pioneers of the Reggae Dancehall foundation.

Today's dancehall regae movement is revitalizing the entire pop world music culture, with an infusion of Jamaican patois rap and Afro Caribbean dance riddims into all forms of modern international urban dance music. Including various forms of Reggae/Hip Hop and Dancehall Hip Hop as well as new dancehall flavoured African muzik, including dancehall Afrobeat and dancehall Hi Life, Reggaton and Ragga Jungle.

The Phenomena of the great reggae dancehall music is now connecting Jamaica to the world at large, by creating a crossover musical bridge connecting Jamaica & America, Europe & Africa, Japan & Asia etc, connecting Reggae & Hip hop and also bringing together the music and peoples of Latin America and the Carribbean. In this way The DANCEHALL EXTRAVAGANZA is also spreading the original uplifting Rastafari Spiritual Message of JahLove, OneLove Equal Rights & Justice, international unity, divine upliftment, one love and self motivational improvement to the world at large.


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