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Welcome to The official PODCAST edition of the Reggae Planet Radio Showcase, brought to you by @ Radio2177. Hosted by Rasta Reuben Kwabena, the voice of The Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide; inside the Talk Show segment of The Reggae Planet Spotlight;

The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase PODCAST

is a Cultural EDUTAINMENT Talk Show segment on Radio2177. Promoting National & International Abundant Prosperity for all within the great creation powers of Mother Nature & Father Time.

Proclaiming & Celebrating JAH Universal Powers of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL & ETERNAL LIFEGive us  the Teachings of His Majesty Jah Christ in His KIngly Character, Jah Rastafari Culture Haile Selassie I POWER, The King of Kings & The Lords of Lords, The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah, The Elect of God & The Light of The World.  

The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase PODCAST topics also includes culture & spirituality, ploitics & economy, nature, science & green technology, parables & poetry, inspirational psalms & metaphors, history, mystery, prophecy & living reality. Expressing & Proclaiming JahLove OneLove, equal rights & justice for all humanity nationally and internationally. Advocating African & First Nations Human Rights Liberation within the powers of abundant prosperity and economic empowerment.  
The Great Vision Mission and The Great Message of The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase PODCAST is to highlight the power of unity and humanitarian harmony all across the seven continents of the world, from sea to sea and from coast to coast. To Promote Roots & Culture “EDUTAINMENT” as well as Spiritual Awareness & Scientific Advancement, Metaphysical Overstanding & Abundant Prosperity for Africa, for the First Nations of Creation and for all Humanity.