Reggae Planet Radio Showcase PODCAST (Chant Down Babylon Slave Drivers)

July 04, 2019
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Welcome to another episode of the Reggae Planet Radio Showcase hosted by Rasta Reuben Kwabena The Voice of The Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide.

As we continue the topic of discussion known as CHANT DOWN BABYLON. In this episode we take alook at the ugly history of the slave drivers who worked for the Slavery System, their job was to enforce the force labour by various means of brutality. In this way they pushed to increase production which resulted in more quicker and bigger profits for the Slave System but this brutality created more misery and more sufferring for the victims of slavery and colonialization.

So thats why we got to continue chanting down this babylonian system of captivity and forced labour and cruelty. Lets Chant Down Babylon until the entire ugly system falls and never rise again. Human beings were never born to be slaves, Human beings are Children Of The Most High Jah and we are naturally born free to live and prosper on this planet which is the home of us all. Therefore the entire slavery system is an atrocity and a war crime against African in particular and aginst humanity in general.  


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