Jamaican/Canadian Dancehall Queens of Reggae

August 27, 2020

In this photo gallery we take a journey onto the Jamaican/Canadian Reggae & Dancehall music scene.

The Reggae Planet Spotlight is glowing bright on the faces of the beautiful and lovely Reggae & Dancehall Queens of Canada. There are many outstanding talented female reggae artists based in Canada. Many are from Jamaican heritage but others do also hail from various other islands of The Caribbean as well as, some hail from Canada and other parts of the world.

The biggest part of The Jamaican/Canadian Reggae music scene is based in Toronto Ontario & Montreal Quebec. However the great reggae music has also spread far and wide all across Canada and as a result there are now many more upcoming new stars of reggae rising up in the cities and provinces of Canada from the west coast to the east coast

Clearly Reggae Music unites people from all nations of creation. Reggae Music brings people together in a great sense of Humanitarian Awareness, guided by the principle of One Love and The Power of Jah Love.

Standing up for equal rights and justice and promoting EDUTAINMENT, musically combining both educational and entertianment qualities simultaneously. Creating an inspirational motivational vibes and carrying on the torch of the great reggae music from the islands of the carribean to the provines of Canada; Furtherly and futuristically spreading the uplifting message of reggae music and the joyfullness to the worldwide generation.