Reggae Planet Radio2177 RELAUNCH

July 07, 2019

REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177  (New Multi Media Website)

REGGAE PLANET RADIO 2177 is the dawning of a new day in the history mystery, prophecy & everliving reality of Reggae Muzik Media on this planet. The Great Celebration of The AfroCarribean & Afro American urban musical sounds of Reggae, Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B, World Music, Afrobeat & DUB. The REGGAE PLANET RADIO 2177 Network celebrates and showcases the greatness of Reggae Music in all its power from the foundation roots and to all its musical genres branches. The Jamaican/Caribbean Reggae & Urban music scene is expanding more and more in worldwide popularity among all people in the different tribes tongues and languages.

The New Reggae Planet Radio Station @Radio2177 is hereby re established and relaunched in this month of June of 2019 @ to reach out to the world at large. The idea is the brainchild of Jamaican/Canadian Recording & Performing Artists Rasta Reuben Kwabena aka The Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide; Lead Singer/Songwriter and bass guitarist for the Roots Rock Reggae band SELASSIE iPOWER. 

The original Reggae Planet Radio Showcase was started by Rasta Reuben Kwabena in March 2008 @the University of The Fraser Valley Radio Station.  Over the early foundation years of the Reggae Planet radio  project Rasta Reuben Kwabena worked consistently together with Dj Power Roots Host of The Dancehall Extravaganza segment and with The MC i Isaiah Phinn Host of The Hihp Hop Highlight segment. In this way they were able to build up the vision mission of developing and creating an all around urban music radio station with a major focus of celebrating The Great Roots Rock Reggae Music while also displaying the worldwide generation connection vibes of reggae & dancehall, with hip hop rap, world music, dub jungle, soul grooves & afrobeat etc.

The philosophy and the growing international popularity as well as the name and the vibes of The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase became the inspiration for a whole new reggae & urban music  Radio Station with Music & Talk Show format. Therefore on Oct 19th 2014 The original REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 internet radio station was launched @ Featuring the urban musical genres of Reggae World Music, Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B and Dub. Now in this time of June 2019 The Reggae Planet Radio website is now updated and modernized and relaunched again for all the fans and listeners to tune in and fulljoy.

In Canada, The Jamaican/Canadian Reggae World Music & Urban Music scene is growing more and more outstanding everyday. Now is the time to let the world hear our talent and our voices. In Ghana and all over Africa The Reggae World Music & AfroBeat Urban Music scene is rising up tremendously as well as in Europe, Central & South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India etc. The REGGAE PLANET Radio Station @RADIO 2177 is here to Broadcast and to Celebrate the worldwide progress popularity and prosperity of all Reggae World Music & Urban Music genres in general. To showcase the natural mystical power of The Great African/ Jamaican Born Reggae Music in particular, with boldness and supreme confidence to the world at large.

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