Imani Speaks: Radio Host, Blogger, Music DJ & Author

December 07, 2020
Imani Speaks is a beautiful and beloved blogger, Author, Radio Host Presenter & Music DJ based in London UK. She works as a blogger and a radio host for various websites and radio stations, she also works as a Spiritual Coach. 

The Imani Speaks Radio Show is a syndicated radio show focusing on empowering, motivating and inspiring. Her music mix, usually includes vintage and modern R&B Soul ballads & timeless inspirational Roots Reggae as well as classic Reggae Lovers Rock. Her song selections playlist also highlights New Rare Grooves & Slow Jams as well as outstanding Indie Music from upcoming local & international new music stars on the rise.

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Imani Speaks: Radio Host, Blogger, Music DJ & Author

Imani Speaks
is born of Jamaican heritage in the United Kingdom. She celebrates both her Jamaican heritage and her African roots, as well as also celebrating the great One Love Vibrations in connecting all humanity in the oneness of the circle of life. Her beauty is far more than skin deep and extends beyond the physical surface to deeper revelations of the beauty of the soul. She recognizes the divine power of the human spirit and the reality that we are all Children of the Most High and in her radio presentations she consistently promotes this uplifting awareness. 

In this way the highlight focus point of Imani Speaks radio shows and blogs is all about her keen sense of humanitarian awareness and her ability to share her wisdom with her listeners and readers. She aims for excellence and magnificence in all her work where she primarily focuses on selecting and presenting uplifting and inspirational music that sends a positive message of empowerment and motivation for her listeners.

The Imani Speaks Radio Show also presents a talk show segment, which is all about having local and global conversations on how to inspire, empower and motivate change in our world today. She has conducted many interviews with various music artists, producers and event coordinators etc. She also uses her talk show interview & review segments to highlight the works of outstanding entrepreneurial members of the AfroCaribbean Community. And to promote the works of people from all walks of life, within the global community who are making great contributions to raising spiritual and humanitarian awareness around the world.

In the words of Imani Speaks “I feel that there are talented and loving people who want to showcase their wisdom and talents and give back to the community. Radio provides the platform and I provide the questions and the space to enable them to share their wisdom with the listening audience.”

In speaking about her works as a blogger she also says "Poetry is one of my passions and my blog is my primary medium to publicly showcase my expressions."

Nowadays Imani Speaks is also using her writing talent to further expand her career into new horizons as an author. In this regard she has recently teamed up as a Co-Author with motivational author compiler Rebecca Adams.

Working with a team of 14 incredible authors from around the world, (including Imani Speaks) together they have recently written and published an outstanding best selling book titled "Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling". This excellent inspiring and motivational book is currently available on Amazon/Kindle and is receiving rave and moving testimonials reviews from readers around the world. 

Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling: True stories of abuse, tragedy and  heartache leading to strength, hope and happiness: Adams, Rebecca, Lowndes,  Lisa, Allaston, Rachel, Cannon-Jones, Sherry, Coates, Ray, Ashworth, Andy,  Ashworth, Jilly,
Amazon Kindle Links for The Book "Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling"

Inside the book "Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling", The 14 authors relates how they all
are stepping into their power and being courageous and strong through their own personal trials and tribulations. They share with you how they overcame what they were experiencing to live a more happy, fulfilled and empowered life through HOPE, DETERMINATION, CLARITY and BEING A VOICE!

Imani Speaks is consistently moving forward in establishing her works as a Spiritual Coach, Author, Radio Host Presenter & Music DJ and as a Personal Motivator. It is clear to see that she is using all her various talents in a very good way on several multimedia platforms. Sending out positive and uplifting messages to inspire us all with hope and motivation, reaching out to various audiences from all nationalities across the Globe, including both listeners and readers worldwide.  

You can listen to Imani Speaks Live On Air on Her soul music radio show broadcasts every Monday from 6PM to 8PM UK Time. And her Reggae Music & Interview Talk Show segments broadcasts every Wednesday from 9PM to 12midnight UK Time Zone. 

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