Rasta Reuben Kwabena

Nickname Rasta Reuben
Full name Rasta Reuben Kwabena (aka George Phinn Jr)
Country Jamaican/Canadian
Genre Roots Rock Reggae, Lovers Rock, Dancehall, Ragga Jungle & DUB
Activity Singer Songwriter Recording & Performing Artist
Instruments Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Organ, Percussions
Members Rasta Reuben, Fredlocks Asher, UncleDropsi,Sister Julie Anne, Marcia Levi Collins, Chris Shim, Sunray Grennan
Official website

Rasta Reuben Kwabena SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik / The Voice of The Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide. GMV Global Muzik Village: Recording & Performing Artist.

Rasta Reuben Kwabena (aka George Phinn Jr) is born in Kingston Jamaica. He is the lead singer, songwriter and bass guitarist of the Jamaican/Canadian Roots Rock Reggae band SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik. His music is mostly described as New Roots Rock Reggae & African World Music and New Sounds of Ska & DUB. In fact, the entire style of Rasta Reuben Kwabena Music catalog is best described as REGGAE PLANET MUSIC, a new genre of music, a new trend, a new style of international Roots Rock Reggae with worldwide musical influences ranging from Jamaican, African & Caribbean music to AfroCanadian & AfroAmerican music genres.

Rasta Reuben Kwabena is highly inspired by the inspirational and humanitarian, spiritual and uplifting message of  Jah Rastafari Haile Selassie IHe is a member of The Rastafari Movement and his songs and music are powered with the natural mystical, positive vibrations of Jamaican & African roots and culture. In this regards Rasta Reuben Kwabena is stepping forward as a powerful voice on the rise in Reggae Music & RasTafari Culture.

Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide Rasta Reuben Kwabena (aka George Phinn Jr) is a visionary and a revolutionary Roots Rock Reggae & African World Music Artist. His musical spirituality and influence were firstly inspired by his devoutly christian grandmother Ms. Amber Brown in the churches of Jamaica and by The Rastafarians who also lived in the same tenement yard in Kingston Jamaica, where Kwabena grew up with his family, in his early childhood years. 

His musical inspiration was also nurtured by his father and mother Mr. George Phinn & Mrs. Lola Phinn who are devoted to collecting all types of good music, particularly great Jamaican Reggae & Afro Caribbean Music. Plus classic R&B, SOUL, Funk & Jazz Music etc;  as well as outstanding Classical Music.

RASTA REUBEN immigrated from Kingston Jamaica to Toronto Ontario Canada with his Mom & Dad and brothers, in the 1980s and now currently resides in Vancouver, BC. Canada. He joined the Toronto music scene as a skillful bass player and foundation member of the House of David Gang Featuring King Selah on Lead Vocals alongside Colin "JahLin" Edwards on Drums and Fredlkocks Asher on Keyboards.


Eventually Rasta Reuben Kwabena went on to form the SELASSIE iPOWER roots rock reggae band, Ft. Rasta Reuben on lead vocals accompanied by his brothers Fredlocks Asher Phinn on vocals, and keyboards, organ & piano. And David "UncleDropsi" Phinn on bass guitar & hip-hop rap vocals, Alongside Chris Shim on rythm and lead guitar, and John Goddard on drums. The original founding members harmony singers are Julie Anne Corby, Yolissa Dalamba & Marcia Levi Collins.

Rasta Reuben Kwabena (aka George Phinn Jr) started writing, composing and arranging songs with his musical brothers Frederick "Fredlocks Asher" Phinn & David "UncleDropsi" Phinn. Initailly he honed his craft at CW Jeffries High School which was a very special school for the study of Music & The Arts, including theatre performing arts and fine arts, as well as creative writing and journalism. This is where Rasta Reuben studied the art of music, learned to play musical instruments and studied creative writing and journalism as well as Theatre Performing Arts.

Rasta Reuben’s father Mr. George Phinn used to read Reuben’s early poems and recognized his natural talent for creative writing. Therefore, he instructed his son to attend this special High School to further study creative writing and jounalism, and music & the performing arts.

In the words of Rasta Reuben Kwabena “The High School was a far distance out of our home area and it took a longer time to reach there, than the schools in the neighborhood. However, looking back now I realize that I am forever grateful to my Dad for choosing that High School for me, because everything I do in my career now, was first developed and nurtured right there in that school. JAH gave me my Talent as a Natural Gift, but that school greatly helped me to take a serious career interest in music, creative writing and journalistic writing and The Performing Arts.”

The great legends of ska and roots rock reggae, such as The Skatalites, Toots & The Maytals, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer, Culture, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Third World, Black Uhuru & Steele Pulse, etc all had a profound inspirational & creative impact on the musicality of Rasta Reuben Kwabena. As well as the music of the great Queens of Reggae such as Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley, Queen Ifrica & Queen Omega etc. also helped in motivating Rasta Reuben's musical direction. 

The inspirational message and power of roots rock reggae inspired Rasta Reuben Kwabena to turn his creative writing skills for writing poetry into now writing and performing songs. In addition he is also musically inspired by the modern reggae & dancehall roots and culture artists and by the melodious soul groove vibes of classic reggae lovers rock.

Most notebly Jamaican Recording & Performing Artist Joseph "Culture" Hill played a major role as a great inspirational and motivational musical mentor in Kwabena's career. In addition to meeting and reasonning together on several occasions with Joseph Hill and his Harmony singer Albert Walker; Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Band also had the prestigious honour of performing on two concerts in Canada as the openning act for Joseph Hill & Culture, the first occasion was in Toronto Ontario and the second occasion was in Vancouver BC Canada.   

Rasta Reuben Kwabena is also inspired by various legendary artists from the world of soul, r&b, funk, pop rock & jazz etc. And he is also greatly inspired by African World Music, including AfroBeats, African high life, & African reggae & dancehall music such as the music of The Great Fela Kuti, Lucky Dube, Tiken Jah Foley, Alpha Blondie and Jose Chameleone etc.

The first major recognition for RASTA REUBEN was for winning the award for the "Best Reggae Album" with the debut album "King of Kings" by Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik at the 1998 Canadian Urban Music Awards.

In 2004 Reuben Kwabena Phinn and His brother Fredlocks Asher Phinn are both featured as the main Lead Singers & Songwriters of the great DUBMATIX debut album “Champion Sound Clash” produced arranged and composed by Canadian DUB Music producer Jesse DubMatix King. This rich mix of dub and electronica reggae went to #3 on the national World Music charts and saw re-release in European and Japanese editions. 

Over the years since then Rasta Reuben & his brother Fredlocks Asher have continued to be featured as contributing artists on several outstanding excellent ragga jungle & electro dub albums by DUBMATIX. These musical works showcase their versatility in terms of expanding from roots rock reggae to also excelling in ragga dub jungle, electronica, dub dance grooves, dub poetry, lovers rock and drum & bass etc.

In the subsequent years Rasta Reuben Kwabena also recorded as a studio session bass player for various recording projects mainly featuring productions by his brother Fredlocks Asher & The Ultra Flex Crew. Along the way from 2007 to 2010 a few singles including (The Reggae Planet Theme Song) were released by SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik as pre/release, singles & previews for the then upcoming album Reggae Planet Vol 1.

Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik Band also kept performing and touring across Canada to further establish the great reggae music and the fan bases here, there and everywhere. In March 2008 Rasta Reuben Kwabena became the founder & the host of The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase on CIVL RADIO at The University of The Fraser Valley in the Vancouver suburban city of Abbotsford BC Canada. And in Oct 2014 he went on to become the founder of the online internet radio station known as REGGAE PLANET RADIO 2177 at www.ReggaePlanetRadio.com

Rasta Reuben Kwabena released The SELASSIE iPOWER roots rock reggae band 2nd official full-length album "Reggae Planet Vol.1 Revelation 21” in 2011 with the support of GMV Global Muzik Village in association with Pro Music Records. He followed up with “Reggae Planet Vol.2 Revolution 22” released in 2012. Promotional touring in Canada took place to support The CD Album release.

NOTE: These albums by Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik are now recently digitally RE Released by GMV Global Muzik Village & Ultra Flex Music and are available worldwide on all multimedia music platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify etc.

In December of 2012 Rasta Reuben travelled on a promo tour; all the way to Australia (in association with Jenni Love of Ras Bebi Productions) where he performed at several cameo appearances and did the photo shoots and the video production for the song known as Roots Rock Reggae Revolution https://youtu.be/lPzIv4Y09M0 This song also appears on Reggae Planet Vol. 2 Revolution 22 by Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik. 

In 2013 Rasta Reuben Kwabena performed at the gigantic and highly prestigious EXIT Festival in the Eastern European country of Serbia. That year in July 2013 the Great EXIT Festival in Serbia was headlined by none other than the world famous Hip Hop Rap Star Snoop Dog himself when he was showcasing his reggae influenced album titled “Snoop Lion Reincarnated.” This is one of Europe’s premier multi genre music festivals, showcasing Rock Music, Heavy Metal & Punk Rock as well as Hip Hop Rap Music, Roots Rock Reggae & Dancehall, Techno, Drum & Bass and Electronica Dance Music.

Then in 2014 Rasta Reuben Kwabena (aka The ReggaePlanet Ambassador) travelled to Portugal and performed in the city of Lisbon for the reggae fans and lovers of good multicultural music. During the visit to Lisbon Portugal, Rasta Reuben Kwabena recorded and released "The Freedom Song" https://youtu.be/3sYZGe08i50 with music producer Born Free of Born Free Records and with members of the RUBERRA Roots Reggae Band. The Freedom Song will also be included on the upcoming SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik/ Reggae Planet Album project.

In his home base country of Canada, he has networked and performed primarily with Fredlocks Asher & The Ultra Flex Crew as well as with King Selah & The House of David Gang and also with the Canadian King of Dub Jesse “DubMatix” King. In this regards Rasta Reuben has toured extensively across the Great Canadian country from the East Coast to The West Coast, opening for such great reggae artists as Joseph Culture Hill, Burning Spear and Freddy McGregor as well as Shaggy, Spragga Benz & The King of Dancehall: The Great Beenie Man.

Now Rasta Reuben Kwabena is stepping out into other international territories such as Berlin Germany in Europe as well as networking with various outstanding African & European producers & promoters. With a view towards touring Africa and Europe, The Caribbean, North & South America and Australia as a part of the upcoming Reggae Planet World Tour.

The African part of the tour is being coordinated with music manager and promoter Mr. Ezekiel Gosan of WORLD LINK PROMOTIONS from Abuja & Jos City Nigeria. And The European part of the tour is being coordinated by Lady B Productions from Scotland UK, in association with Ms Iness Karola; (The international correspondent of GMV Global Muzik Village in Berlin Germany.)

Rasta Reuben is also networking with various international music producers, including Ultra Flex Music & Haus of Records in Canada, Born Free Records and Full Circle Muzik in Jamaica. Currently Rasta Reuben is recording new songs with Dave Azi in Jos City Nigeria and with Ghanaian artist/producer Mr. Seth Darkoh in Berlin Germany. And also, with Lady B Productions in Scotland UK.

In the month of April 2016, Rasta Reuben Kwabena travelled to His birth place country of Kingston Jamaica where he began networking and collaborating with Ras Peter of Full Circle Muzik and Born Free of BORN FREE Records on new musical projects. To reinvigorate the connection to his roots and culture and to his Jamaican birth place, which is also the homebase and the birthplace of the great ska music, reggae  & dancehall and dub music.

In July 2016 Kwabena teamed up with Mr. Ezekiel Gosan of WORLD LINK PROMOTIONS and with African reggae music producer Dave Azi from Abuja & Jos City Nigeria Africa. To contribute vocals on "The Run But Cant Hide" riddim project. This resulted in the release of the song titled "Praising The Almighy GOOD" by Rasta Reuben Kwabena (Produced by Dave Azi).

In the months of November and December 2017 Rasta Reuben Kwabena connected even deeper with his African roots by touring in the great country of Nigeria Africa, where he performed at three music concerts in three different cities of Nigeria, including his outstanding performance at the annual Cross Fire Reggae Music Festival in Jos City Nigeria with Dave Azi & The Bright Sound Band. He also made a special guest performance appearance at the 2017 Ma Dengn Cultural Music Festival in Freetown Sierra Leone.

In October 2019 He participated in The Great Year of Return project in Accra the capital city of Ghana at The HOMOWO Homecoming Festival. During his African Tour he did many radio interviews as well as TV interviews and reviews. He also recorded several brand new songs with the great Reggae & African Music producer Dave Azi at the Bright Sound Recording Studio in Jos City Nigeria Africa.

These new songs feature a fresh new African Reggae sound for Kwabena in the musical genre styles of both roots rock reggae, dancehall and afro beats and include collaborations with various African musicians and artists including The Great Dave Azi himself.

This new album project is titled “Reggae Planet Home in Africa” and will be released soon. The album’s focus and message are all about a great celebration of Africa’s future progress and development as well as African music, roots & culture, arts & fashion and African Unity at home and abroad.

The next stride for Rasta Reuben in the Roots Rock Reggae Revolution is to expand the household brand name of The Reggae Planet Spotlight & The Reggae Planet World Tour. Brought to you by GMV Global Muzik Village in association with WORLD LINK PROMOTIONS & Lady B Productions.

Featuring, The Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide RASTA REUBEN KWABENA, Live in concert with various outstanding music Artists from around the world.

Words of Rasta Reuben Kwabena; I will always remember my Mom & Dad saying that music is the international language of all humanity, music has no colour and no barriers. Music breaks down segregation. Therefore, I have love and respect for all great music and for all great artists & musicians! I am inspired by them all and I draw from that inspiration combined with my own original creativity; to create my own unique brand of international music for the worldwide generation. This is the essence of my vision mission. This is my brand of music The Roots Rock Reggae Revolution, The Reggae Planet Muzik.” 

Rasta Reuben Kwabena popularity and international acclaim is growing increasingly as a highly talented singer songwriter and as a powerful Live Concert Performer. He is also known as a radio personality and host of The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase. He is credited for helping to spread both Jamaican music and African music as well as the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience through his songs & music, And through his works on the "Reggae Planet Internet Radio Show" aka The Reggae Planet Radio Showcase on www.ReggaePlanetRadio.com

Now getting ready to release several new albums in The SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik "REGGAE PLANET Album" series; Such as “Reggae Planet Children of Jah Sun”, “Reggae Planet Home in Africa” and Reggae Planet Check Point Charlie” which are inspired by RASTA REUBEN promo tours and travels in Australia, Africa & Europe. 

These albums in The SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik / Reggae Planet Album Series, will continue the Reggae Planet Theme with outstanding new conscious messages and uplifting roots rock reggae. Also featuring  african world music songs and lyrics, as well as new lovers rock. Plus, influences of ska, dancehall, ragga dub jungle, reggae hip hop & African High Life & AfroBeats Music etc. Therefore, look out for more New Reggae Planet Albums coming out soon from Rasta Reuben Kwabena aka The Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide.


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