J. C. Lodge

Nickname J.C. Lodge
Full name June Carol Lodge
Country British/Jamaican
Genre Reggae lovers Rock, Dancehall, R&B, Reggae Pop, Reggae Country
Activity Singer/Songwriter Recording & Performing Artist, Actress & Painte
Instruments Lead Vocals
Members J.C Lodge & Errol O'Meally

J.C. Lodge aka June Carol Lodge was born in England to a Jamaican father and British mother. She was subsequently taken to Jamica as a child and grew up primarily on the island of the Caribbean sorrounded by the great power and culture of reggae music. There, the Beatles fan soon became immersed in R&B and reggae, and sang along to everything she heard.

She is one of the most popular female reggae singers of the '80s and '90s, balancing traditional reggae with pop, urban soul, dancehall, lovers rock, and even country music. The owner of a high, girlish voice, J.C Lodge is an excellent and magnificent representative of the Jamican reggae subgenre known specifically as Lovers Rock aka Reggae Lovers Rock. Her songs and music often displays a loving vibes and a teasing sexuality simmering under much of her romantic material. 

Toward the end of high school, she began a relationship with aspiring songwriter Errol O'Meally, who would later become her producer and manager. Enamored of her voice, O'Meally convinced her to sing on some demo recordings of his material, and the results landed both of them a deal with producer/studio owner Joe Gibbs. Gibbs had Lodge record a reggae cover of Charley Pride's country hit "Someone Loves You, Honey" in 1980, and the single was a smash hit, topping the Jamaican charts and finding success in Europe as well. The reggae version of the country and western tune, earned the singer gold and platinum discs in the Netherlands. In fact, it was the #1 top selling single of 1982 in the Netherlands. J.C. Lodge's debut album of the same name was soon released featuring the deejay talents of Prince Mohamed. 

Lodge returned to recording in 1985 with Revealed, which was co-produced by O'Meally and Willie Lindo. She subsequently signed with producer Gussie Clarke's Music Works label, debuting with 1987's "I Believe in You". Another album, "Selfish Lover", followed, as did her 1988 breakthrough hit, "Telephone Love.


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The international Hit Song "TELEPHONE LOVE" also featured a dancehall Remix Duet version with Shabba Ranks. The song eloquently captured the technological modern day phenomena of long distance lovers reaching out to eachother from afar by talking together on the Telephone and expressing their love for eachother. This is one of the first dancehall singles to cross over to R&B and hip-hop audiences, "Telephone Love" is an international smash hit that became J.C. Lodge's signature song and earned her a deal with the rap-oriented Tommy Boy label.

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1992's "Tropic of Love" proved to be her only album for Tommy Boy, and the accompanying single "Home Is Where the Hurt Is" proved to be her highest charting hit in the U.S., reaching the Top 50 on the R&B charts. Lodge and O'Meally co-produced the 1993 follow-up, "To The Max", which featured the single "Activate Me."

1994's "Special Request" was a more ambitious effort that showcased Lodge's versatility as a singer, and also featured a number of original compositions. She experimented even further on 1996's "Love for All Seasons", which paired her with the legendary dub producer Mad Professor. A Japanese-only album called "Let Love Inside" followed, and in late 2001, J.C. Lodge returned to England and signed with Jetstar Records. Her first album for the Jetstar label was released in late 2002 titled "Reggae Country" and featured covers of American country songs, both classic and contemporary. Overall J.C. Lodge's albums mostly features of reggae lovers rock, but some of her albums also features R&B and pop material, too. Her songs are usually written by Errol O’Meally and or J.C. Lodge herself.

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Working together with various producers such as Joe Gibbs, Willie Lindo, Gussie Clarke, Errol O’Meally and Neil Fraser (a.k.a. Mad Professor), J.C. Lodge has created excellent music albums with several outstanding Hit Songs such as "More Than I Can Say", "Someone Loves You, Honey," and "Make It Up." She also sang famous dancehall duets with Tiger on "Love Me, Baby" and with Shabba Ranks on the ever classic international hit song known as "Telephone Love". J.C. Lodge songs and albums have stood the test of time and has also helped her to win various prestigious awards across the world.

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The Sing 'n' Learn (Edutainment Project) by J.C Lodge. 

J.C. Lodge has been inspired since the birth of her daughter in 1994, to write original children's songs. She released two cassette albums called "Sing 'n' Learn". Ranging from simple counting and spelling for the littlest ones to manners and environmental awareness for pre-teens, Lodge created a variety of rhythms and styles to appeal to kids everywhere. These cassettes were so well received in Jamaica that the Ministry of Education ordered a copy for every Basic School on the island.

In 2000, Lodge was invited by Jamaican National Broadcasting Association TVJ to produce a 13-part children's television series, based on the cassette albums. A critically acclaimed and popular success, the show got awarded by the Press Association of Jamaica and also the Caribbean Broadcasting Union.

J.C. Lodge Discography


  • Someone Loves You Honey (1982) (Netherlands #5) Ariola/BMG Records
  • Revealed (1985) RAS
  • I Believe in You (1987) Greensleeves
  • Selfish Lover (1990) VP
  • Home is Where The Hurt Is (1991)
  • Tropic of Love (1992) Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records
  • To the Max (1993) RAS/Sanctuary
  • Special Request (1995) RAS/Sanctuary
  • Love for All Seasons (1996) Ariwa
  • RAS Portraits: J.C. Lodge (1997) RAS/Sanctuary (compilation)
  • Let Love Inside (2001) Mercury/IDJMG/Universal Records
  • Reggae Country (2002) Jet Star
  • Reggae Country 2 (2003) Jet Star
  • This is Crucial Reggae (2004) RAS/Sanctuary (compilation)


  • Someone Loves You Honey (1982) (Belgium #1 / Germany #25 / Netherlands #1 / Netherlands #1 end of the year chart)
  • More Than I Can Say (1982) (Belgium #10 / Germany #72 / Netherlands #6)
  • Don't Stop Me (1982)
  • Kiss And Say Goodbye (1984)
  • Give My Husband A Message (1985)
  • Telephone Love (1988) (USA R&B #95)
  • Home Is Where The Hurt Is (1991) (USA R&B #45)
  • Come Again (1992)
  • Love Transfusion (2012)
  • Comfort Zone (2013)

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