Fredlocks Asher & The Ultra Flex Crew

Nickname Fredlocks Asher
Full name Frederick (Fredlock Asher) Phinn
Country Jamaican/Canadian
Genre Roots Rock Reggae, Lovers Rock, Dancehall, Ragga Jungle & DUB
Activity Singer Songwriter Recording & Performing Artist
Instruments Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Organ
Members Fredlocks Asher, Rasta Reuben, UncleDropsi, Kass 1 & Twyla Disney
Official website
Fredlocks Asher is an original Jamaican born reggae Singer/Songwriter.
He is an outstanding Recording & Performing Artist, performing the full spectrum of the great reggae music artform, including all the sub-genres of
Reggae, Lovers Rock & Dancehall, Dub, Electronica, Ragga Jungle and Roots Rock Reggae. 
He is the lead singer songwriter of the Jamaican/Canadain reggae outfit known as The Ultra Flex Crew. Born in Kingston Jamaica, he immigrated to Canada as a child. He is an accomplished musician, a multi-instrumentalist, who has studied piano, clarinet, saxophone and guitar. 
Frederick "Fredlocks Asher" Phinn, is also a contributing member of The House of David Gang and a foundation member of SELASSIE iPOWER Roots Rock Reggae BAND along with his musical brothers Reuben Kwabena Phinn & David Uncledropsi Phinn. Together the 3 Phinn brothers (aka the Reggae Planet Brothers) are CoFounders of GMV Records (Global Muzik Village Productions & Publishing)
Fredlocks Asher is also an experienced music producer and event cordinator. He is a proffesional recording engineer and owner/operator of Ultra-Flex Music Studios. He possesses a thorough understanding of the music business including the logistics of international tours, digital marketing and sales. On The GMV Records/Ultra Flex Music Label He has worked with numerous artists as a producer, engineer, arranger and composer. He also works with various upcoming musicians helping them to write, arrange, record and produce their musical works of art.
In this capacity Fredlocks Asher  is currently busy archiving and updating the catalog for The GMV Records/Ultra Flex Music Label.
To make sure that all the songs and albums in the catalog are now digitally marketed and distrubuted and  available worldwide on all multimedia music sales platforms, such as iTunes, Amazon & Spotify etc. 

His live reggae band: Fredlocks Asher & The Ultra Flex Crew, have been performing and touring for over a decade. They have released a variety of musically diverse reggae albums, including Wisdom, Dub Life, and Race The Final Frontier. He has also released two various artists compilation albums, titled Ultra Flex Volume One and Ultra Flex Volume Two.

NOTE: All these albums by Fredlocks Asher are now digitally Re Relaesed and are available online worldwide on all multimedia platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify etc. 

Fredlocks Asher first full-length album, "Wisdom", received three nominations at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards in 2001. An instrumental album, "Dub Life", followed in 2004. And the various artists compilation album "Ultra Flex Volume One" followed in 2006.

Toronto dub music producer Jesse King, a.k.a. Dubmatix, tapped Fredlocks Asher Phinn and his brother Reuben Kwabena Phinn in 2004 to contribute lyrics and vocals to the DubMatix debut album "Champion Sound Clash". This rich mix of dub and electronic reggae went to #3 on the national World Music charts and saw re-release in European and Japanese editions. One song in particular, "Journey to the Center of the Dub," sent Fredlocks Asher's voice soaring to the top of radio playlists including #1 Top 40 on CIUT RADIO Toronto. 

Fredlocks Asher Phinn and his brother Rasta Reuben Kwabena have also CoProduced and released several albums by various artists on The GMV Records/Ultra Flex Music Label including "King of Kings," and "Reggae Planet Vol. 1 & Reggae Planet Vol. 2; by Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Muzik. In addition to other titles such as "Middle East" by Ras Ivan, and "Ghetto Superstars" by Donnay Rubal. 

Look out for various upcoming Live Concert Perfomances by Fredlocks Asher & The Ultra Flex Crew across Canada and worlwide on The Reggae Planet World Tour alongside Rasta Reuben & SELASSIE iPOWER Roots Rock Reggae Band and also featuring various outstanding talented artists from  Jamaica, Canada & Africa and from all around the world. Stay tuned right here at For more information and updates previews and reviews.

Also keep a look out for more new Fredlocks Asher music productions upcoming for release on The GMV Records/Ultra Flex Music Label in 2021 and beyond. He is also currently working on a brand new solo album titled "DanceHall Magnificence" This is tuning up to be another outstanding set of Ultra Flex style, cutting edge reggae. Featuring several artist collaborations and also featuring all the various reggae sub genres styles of Dancehall, Ragga Jungle, DUB, Electronica & Reggae Hip Hop.

“Some imitate while others create”, It is clear to see that Fredlocks Asher is an outstanding music creator and reggae genre trendsetter. Taking Reggae & Dancehall to new heights of musical productionion. Composing and arranging new music with versatility and  flexibility. Fredlocks Asher is constantly creating and producing new cutting edge reggae, with an uplifting and inspiring humanitarian message for one and all.

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