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Soul Groove Vibes

Iness Karola and Tasha Bujae

SOUL GROOVE VIBES on RADIO2177 will take you on a journey into the very heart and soul of R&B Soul Music and Classic Reggae Lovers Rock. Highlighting the great golden soulful sounds of the 70s all the way up to the present day new millennium exciting mix of Reggae Hip Hop Soul. Presenting and promoting various new emerging soul song birds from all across the world. With a special focus on Jamaican and Canadian reggae soul groove, acoustic soul and Caribbean jazz, while simultaneously celebrating the rich Afro American R&B, Hip Hop Soul music culture.

SOUL GROOVE VIBES is for all generations within the worldwide community who are now connected by the love of Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop soul music all around the world and all across the new emerging forms of social networks. Now the Power of Reggae & Soul music has reached all across the Globe and has influenced all forms of popular music on all continents. Therefore in this regard Soul Groove Vibes is the new reggae soul music radio show to highlight and celebrate the international expansion and promotion of  R&B, Hip Hop Soul and Reggae Lovers Rock in this new millennium, world music culture time.

SOUL GROOVE VIBES will also educate listeners with spoken word segments featuring Historic & Poetic Afrocentric stories parables and rhymes. Including various celebrations of important Human Rights Ambassadors from the International Arena, from Afro Caribbean and Afro American communities history and traditions and from the present day to day living reality of everyday people everywhere. Reggae & Soul music superstars and legends as well as monumental achievements and important dates within African American & Jamaican Music History will be musically honoured and celebrated.

SOUL GROOVE VIBES is here to showcase in particular the talents of the Queens of Reggae, Lovers Rock & The Queens of R&B, Hip Hop Soul. Within the general presentation and promotion of new emerging worldwide soul song birds and within the overall celebration of the original and authentic Soul Music Culture. To highlight and promote the voices of The Sistrens, The Princesses, The Queens and Empresses of Reggae & Soul music nationally, internationally and universally. Listen to the SOUL GROOVE VIBES on Radio2177 Make Love and not war. Dance & Sing the ONE LOVE & UNITY harmony song of reggae and soul music for all nations. Celebrate the beauty of nature and the Power of JAH LOVE. Behold the Glory and the Power of the Goodness of Life. Feel The Power of the Soulful beauty of Love Life which brings forth all Man & Woman and All Children on creation.


Your Dj's are

Rasta Reuben 

Isaiah Phinn

Dj. Power Roots

Iness Karola 

Tasha Bujae

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