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Dancehall Extravaganza

Power Roots

Within The Dancehall Extravaganza you will experience exciting speed rapping dancehall reggae music, with hot rididims that will keep you jumping and grooving to get your body moving. We showcase brand new and upcoming International Dancehall Kings & Queens, promoting Jamaican/Canadian artists while featuring the great original Jamaican pioneers of the Reggae Dancehall foundation.

Today’s Dancehall movement is revitalizing the entire pop world music culture with an infusion of Jamaican patois rap and Afro Caribbean dance riddims into all forms of modern international urban dance music, including various forms of, reggae/Hip Hop, and new forms of dub, drum & bass, electro dub, reggaton and Ragga Jungle.

The Phenomena of new millennium Dancehall Music is now connecting Jamaica to the world at large, by creating a crossover musical bridge connecting Jamaica & America, Europe & Africa, Japan & Asia etc, connecting Reggae & Hip hop and also bringing together the music and peoples of Latin America and the Carribbean. In this way DANCEHALL EXTRAVAGANZA is also spreading the original Rastafari Spiritual Message of Jah Love, international unity, divine upliftment, one love and self motivational improvement to the world at large.


Your Dj's are

Rasta Reuben 

Isaiah Phinn

Dj. Power Roots

Iness Karola 

Tasha Bujae

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8:00am  Reggae Planet Radio Showcase
12:00pm  Hip Hop  Highlight
2:00pm  Dancehall Extravaganza
4:00pm  World Muzik Dub  City
6:00pm  Soul Groove
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8:00pm  Reggae Planet   Radio Showcase
12:00am Dancehall  Extravaganza
2:00am Dancehall  Extravaganza
4:00am World Muzik Dub  City
6:00am Soul Groove
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