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     Reggae Dancehall Queen Cecile  



  REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 is the new Radio Station for the worldwide generation. A new  EDUTAINMENT Multimedia Music & Talk Show Radio Forum. Representing Reggae & Urban Music from Jamaica, from Canada, from Africa and from all around the world. Broadcasting Live and Direct from The Greater Vancouver Area of BC Canada to the world at large via the internet world wide web. Promoting an atmosphere of more multicultural music and more world beat music in the overall national and international music scene. Raising cultural and spiritual awareness pertaining to Human Rights, Freedom, Liberty & Prosperity for all Africans, For all First Nations of Creation and for all Humanity Internationally.    

To advocate the advancement for the African Repatriation and Human Rights Liberation Movement. To Promote The CULTURE OF RASTAFARI HAILE SELASSIE I and to Resurrect The teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. In regards to the fulfillment of Mr. Garvey Visionary Prophecy of a United Africa, an Educated Africa and an Economically Empowered Africa. To Promote the National Power and strength of a United African Citizenship, to liberate and protect the rights of all African Citizens at home in Africa or abroad in any and every place where Africans reside under the Sun on this Planet. 

To broadcast the positive vibrations and the Joyfulness of the reggae message of Equal Rights and Justice stands for one and all. Spreading the Philosophy of Worldwide Citizenship, One Love and Peace Nationally and Internationally. To uplift the hearts and souls of all the children of creation and to bear witness and testimony to the power of Rastafari for all humanity. To inspire all the inhabitants of the planet with the word sound and power of roots rock reggae muzik. Praising Jah in The Dance while Celebrating the beauty of love & life with Reggae World Music & Urban Music, Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B and DUB.

The Reggae Planet RADIO2177 is a visionary prophetic view into the future of a new stronger, more vibrant , more colourful and more powerful “WORLDSTREAM” worldwide music culture marketplace which is now growing stronger and stronger day by day. Now Today in this new inspirational international highway of information worldwide generation time “WORLDSTREAM” is the new mainstream and WORLDSTREAM is bigger than mainstream. REGGAE PLANET RADIO2177 roots rock reggae revolution is at the forefront of this new worldwide generation, International Music Culture Phenomena.

Advertise with us to see your company on this web page, in our Live Streaming Radio shows and Podcasts. 
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Advertise with us to see your company on this web page, in our Live Streaming Radio shows and Podcasts. 
418 x 150
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